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• 6/20/2014

The Official Timeskip Thread

Hi Everyone! Before  we start RPing, I thought t'd be good to go over what we think should've happened in the timeskip. Here's what happened right before the timeskip:

Petalstar became leader.
GladeClan and RootClan became allies.
The psychotic Firepaw joined GladeClan.
Here's what has to have happened:

Eaglewing, Blizzardwind, Nala, and more cats have died
Lionroar left the Clan.
Several new cats joined the Clan.
Anything I forgot? How are these events connected? What do you all think?
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• 12/21/2013

Roll Call

We shoudl restart soon- question- shoudlw e actively rp RC, or just GC? Any dieas for continued plot? Most importantly, I'd like all to place a roll cal, of where all their cats are on this blog. I shall post mine shortly.
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• 4/21/2013

A Wittle Continuity Issue

Well, if you have read my post on News, you know that waiting to do the Prophecy has done more harmj then good. Well, here's anotehr reason- Oak, Ebony, Evening, and Rose cannot age up until the prophecy! Why, you say? Because Rose is gonna become Starseed's apprentice- and Moonfrond has to die first. Of course, Rose could always start traininga s a warrior, but its pretty obvious she wants to me an MC.
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• 4/20/2013

Stories from the Elders

So, in order to make it easier to be an Elder, we should have a kind of database for all of their stories.Otherwise, we'd have to make up new stories each time we did the whole Kits + Elders business. Just copy + paste whichever stories you want to tell from here into GladeClan and/or RootClan. So I'll post the two stories I've had Nala tell to some of the kits as the first two entries.
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• 4/20/2013

Rosekit and Moonfrond

So, I was wondering if Moonfrond could be kind of like Rosekit's second mother. Rosekit would confide in her when she was feeling sad or alone, instead of with Fernbreeze; and Rosekit would feel closer to Moonfrond than with Fernbreeze. I was hoping that Moonfrond would feel like Rosekit was the daughter that she never had, too. Just an idea. But in order for this to work, it would have to happen before the RootClan vs. GladeClan battle, 'cause I'm pretty sure Lion said he was killing off Moonfrond in the battle.
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• 4/14/2013

Big News!

RootClan is up and ready to be rped!
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• 4/5/2013

RootClan Headcount

So we currently have 16 cats (to my knowledge) plus any cats that Ivy will make. This is who I know of:
Do we need to make more cats to make it equal to GladeClan's current 38 cats (counting kits and elders)?
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• 4/2/2013

Rootclan Mentors

There are currently 4 Rootclan apprentices (Fawnpaw, Shoalpaw, Firepaw, and Hollypaw) who need mentors. The available cats are Thunderclaw, Breezetree, Gorsewhisper, Redstem, Lupinebloom, Rosefall, and Thorntail. We need to start matching them.
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• 4/2/2013

Attention, Users of GladeClan!

Its time for a massive renovation of this wiki to include RootClan. I'm gonna need all of your help on this. The first thing will be tyo categorize the GladeClan-specoific articles under GladeClan.
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• 4/1/2013

Discussing Punnett Squares

This is where we shall officially discuss the workings of the new feature. If necessary we can also do a chat.
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• 4/1/2013


When do we role-play now that the dates we said have passed?
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• 4/1/2013

Shadowfur's Mate

I was maybe thinking that, since Shadowfur can't find a mate, I could make one in Rootclan and maybe he could join with her after the battle.
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• 3/27/2013

Comment Relaunch

We've treid to get this to work, but we're in a relaly bad position. I say we relaunch.
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• 3/10/2013


Should we do another tournament or something? And what ahould we set as our probable date for teh prophecy? random, I know.
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• 2/24/2013

Blizzard and Lilly?

Just an idea.
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• 2/24/2013

Nala & Blizzardwind

I had an idea...mebbe Nala could be good freidns with Blizzardwind, because he brings her prey and stuff....
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• 2/24/2013

Prophecy Playout

Here's what we know so far-
RootClan attacks GC. Mebbe one or two cats die. Most escape.Moonfrond brings the prophecy cats to the Moonplace. She die shelping them escape. They then splitinto two groups: Blizzard and someone go andf find teh dark well, and block the spirits, while petal and someone reclaim the camp. they win. Lot's of cats die. We need a few more details, though. For example, who's traveling with Blizzard? Don't they need more then two people?
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• 2/24/2013


Should they be mates? and what about the other people?
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• 2/23/2013

RootClan planning

This is not only to illuminate the new Mentors/mates/plots page, its also to start our conversation about RootClan. Note the topic below, Plot.
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• 12/30/2012

Rename? (For the training hollow)

Wel...its not actually a ''hollow''... maybe we should rename it...
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