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• 2/23/2013

2012 Awards

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• 12/19/2012


Best Territory: Waterfall-- *Sighs* All the memories we've made there..

Best Queen: Cloudywish-- She was the most mother-like to her kits, and seemed to always know what she was doing.

Best Apprentice: I'm gonna have to go with Petalpaw (sorry to nominate my own cat)-- She's done the most stuff with her mentor

Sweetest Cat: Starpaw-- She's always willing to help, and is very polite

Bravest Cat: Lionstar--He sacrificed himself to save others.

Best Event: The Storm-- Because we had a great time, and were all on, unlike some other events.. *cough* ..The Great Fox Raid.. *cough*

Quietest Cat: Umm.. Raveneye?-- I've barely ever seen him be RP'd, so I think that counts as being quiet.

Best Feature: Definitely the 'Join' page. -- It looks AWESOME, and it's seriously fun to use (which is why I've added so many kits as of late).

Best Part of the Camp: Main Clearing-- Everything happens there.

Best User: Hmm... I'm torn.. But I'll go with Lion, because you made the site :)

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