Beetlebranch is a current Warrior of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Beetlebranch
Rank Warrior
Alias Beetlekit, Beetlepaw
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Male
Description Brown tom
Family Moonfur (Mother) Lionstar (father) Lillyleaf, Blizzardwind (Littermates)
Personality Assertive and loudmouthed
Status Alive
First Appearance Clanborn During RP



Beetlekit showed signs of being a great warrior early on, though still oblivious as a kit is, not fully comprehending the fate of his father until Lionstar never returned. Turning to focus on training, Beetlekit spent much time at the Training Hollow. Just before receiving his warrior name, he and some friends (Starseed, and Birchtail) discovered the Secret Glade before any other.


As a kit, Beetlebranch was assertive and aggressive, a quality that took a bad direction following his father's death in the Great Fox Raid. Beetlebranch began bullying his quieter brother, however, following the stress of his brother's dissapearnce in the Great Storm this has subsided. As a warrior, Beetlebranch is aproud and tough member of the clan.

This Character is played by Lion.