Cedarleaf is the current Elder of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Cedarleaf
Rank Elder
Alias Cedar
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Male
Description Reddish tom with green eyes
Family Pebblestar (Mate)
Personality Excited, Helpful and a great hunter.
Status Alive
First Appearance A Taste of the Wild



Cedar was born to a Loner and a Kittypet, and cast out before his memory began. He learned to fend for himself, and began to look for warmth in the heart's of other's. He finally found a friend in the form of a kindly nofur, however, she experienced a mental brekadown and he was forced to leave yet again.

A Taste of the WildEdit

Cedarleaf finally finds GladeClan, where he instantly becomes an integral part of the group.  He mated with Pebbledream, who was thrilled at this trusting, open, kind-hearted tom-so unlike her previous love.


Cedarleaf is thrilled when Pebbledream, now Pebblestar, announces she is having their kits- and sorrowful when one of them is stillborn, comforting her in the Meadow.


However, in a battle against a badger that killed Birchtail, Cedarleaf is severely injured and moved to the Elder's Den.


As a result of his lack of parent's Cedarleaf has an innate need for love and affection and so relies on his friends verymuch. he is trusting, open, and kind-hearted. Following his injury, however, he begisn to close himself off from others.



Cedarleaf is deeply, unconditionally in love with Pebblestar.


Despite initial curtness from Lionstar (Stemming from jealousy) Cedarleaf always got along with him and considered him a  good friend.


Cedarleaf and Nala have a very friendly relationship, being the first two elders in the den. Nala helped him see the beauty in the world which he had lost following his injury.

This Character is played by Lion.