Darkpaw is a current Apprentice of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Darkpaw
Rank Apprentice
Alias Darkkit
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Male
Description Striped/spotted dark grey tom with a lighter underbelly and yellowish-green eyes
Family Ashbloom (Mother), Stonewhisker (Father)
Personality Intrusive, curious, and doesn't know boundaries, but means well.
Status Alive
First Appearance Joined during Timeskip



Darkpaw was born to a litter of one by Ashbloom and Stonewhisker. His birth was grueling and painful for his mother, and after so many hours, the blood she had lost ended her life. Looking at the tiny, pitiful kit he and his mate had created, Stonewhisker abandoned him and cut off all ties to a clan he no longer connected with. By some greater force or miracle, Darkkit then survived and grew stronger than his newborn self, eventually being named Darkpaw and an apprentice.

Roleplay Edit


Due to a lack of proper parental figures, Darkpaw is a rather troublesome tom who lets his curiosity get the best of him. To others, he's very nosy and blunt in his words and questions. He also frequently gets involved in matters that don't concern him, but he usually tries to help out in any way he can simply because he knows it's the right thing to do. That doesn't mean his help is even beneficial, however.


Ashbloom Edit

Darkpaw has heard many kind words about his mother, but sadly never knew her.

Stonewhisker Edit

Darkpaw has never met his father, but aspires to meet him one day. He's confident that if Stonewhisker knew him, he would return to GladeClan.

Tangledfern Edit

She is Darkpaw's grandmother through Ashbloom and gives advice and guidance to him. Most days Tangledfern teases him and then chastises him about his prying behavior. They have a close relationship, but he wouldn't admit it willingly.

Featherfur Edit

Darkpaw formed a friendship with him when Featherfur was still an apprentice, and they remain extremely close friends to this day despite the age and rank gap. Featherfur is one of the few cats who does not take offense to his constant questionings, and for that reason he is valued highly.