GladeClan is the primary focus of ACC Studios' Clan rp, and their first project.


Lion and Sandy, the foudners of GladeClan, ahd previously attempted such prohjects as Third Legion and Forest of the Pink Moon. However, upon the closure of Zaffie's StormClan, they decied itw as tiem to give a Warrior rp a try. With the permission of Zaffie and help from fellow StormClan user Ivy, Lion proceeded to create the epic adventure known as GladeClan.


  • Create an original, unique cat and help it grow, live, love, and die.
  • Interact with other users and have your opinion heard.
  • Help write an original, complex storyline
  • Wield an advanced registration system
  • Use an innovatively devised Fresh-Kill Pile
  • Record your knowledge on the professional virtual encylopedia World of GladeClan.