For a more detailed history, see The GladeClan Chronicles.

Season One (2012)Edit


It had been nearly a century since the original four Warrior Clans had dissapeared. StarClan chose a young cat to create the Clan o RootClan. However, they turned away from StarClan and became rogues. Deciding to try once more, they chose a cat named Hero to found a new one, and renamed him Lionstar. Lionstar, alongside a loner name Pebble journeyed far to a Glade where they began to etablish GladeClan. Soon, other cats joined and the Clan was on its way to success.

The Great Fox RaidEdit

There came a time when GladeClan would face its first threat. The Meadow turned out to be inhabited by Foxes. GladeClan fought back and managed to drive the Foxes away. their actions resulted in the discovery of the Moonplace and the death of Lionstar.

Season Two (2013) Edit

The Great StormEdit

Before Lionstar died he whispered a prophecy to the medicine cat. (Moonfrond). The prophecy would now begin. A few kits (Petalkit, Blizzardkit, Snowkit, and Lillykit) chosen by StarClan were put to their first test- braving a hurricane all alone. As the Clan evacuated to the Refuge, the kits, who had snuck off to play, found themselves stranded in the West Woods. After the storm ended, the kits were smarter, humbler, and ready to be apprentices.

Peace and GreencoughEdit

The cats of prophecy slowly grew and gained their warrior names. However, the Clan was suddenly stricken by Greencough. Ashpaw died, while others fell ill. However, during this period, Beetlebranch,Starseed, and Birchtail found the Secret Glade and began Thanksglading. A few moons later, Birchtail was killed bya  badger.

Turning PointEdit

RootClan, beliveing StarClan to be evil aftr tragedies and being influenced by the Dark Forest through a Dark Well, attacked GladeClan. Pebblestar, Moonfrond, and Goldleaf perished while helping the cats of prophecy bring peace to the Clans. Nala was revealed as Flintstar's amnesiac mate, and Petalstar became leader and Blizzardwind deputy.

Season Three (2014) Edit

Time Gone ByEdit

The ReturnEdit