Lightningclaw is a current Warrior of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Lightningclaw
Rank Warrior
Alias Shadowfur
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Male
Description Black tabby tom with white socks
Family Goldleaf (Mate) Birchtail; Petalstorm Morningkit Sagekit (Kits)
Personality Serious, Intelligent, Loving
Status Dead
First Appearance Joined Mid-RP


Pre-Role PlayEdit

Only vague information is known on Lightningclaw's past. At one point, he mentioned being in another Clan but never went further into detail.

Role PlayEdit

As a part of GladeClan, he tried to be the best father that he could to Petalstorm, Birchtail, Morningkit, and Sagekit. Lightningclaw was a loyal mate to Goldleaf, and loved her dearly. He was always willing to help a clanmate in need. However, Lightningclaw became afflicted with a terrible case of Greencough, and has just recently passed away.


He always had a serious composture around other clanmates, but around his family he was always loving.



Lightningclaw and Goldleaf were very much in love during his lifetime.


  • He was the only substitute deputy that GladeClan has ever had, as of right now.

Tournament RankingsEdit

  • 2nd Place in Ultimate GladeClan warrior.

This Character is played by Gold.