Lionstar is the deceased Leader and Founder of GladeClan.

Leader (2)

"I could not be...more proud...of my whole Clan"

Vital statistics
Name Lionstar
Rank Leader
Alias Hero
Affiliation StarClan; GladeClan
Gender Male
Description Golden tom with green eyes
Family Moonfur (Mate) Lillyleaf, Leafpaw (Daughters) Blizzardwind, Beetlebranch (Sons)
Personality Quiet and Thoughtful, yet Brave in Battle
Status Dead
First Appearance A Taste of the Wild



Not much is known about Lionstar's past, except that he was a kittypet named Hero. Sometime, he met and befriended a loner named Pebble. His owner is assumed to be a drunk.

A Taste of the WildEdit

Hero is hit by a wine bottle while his owner is drunk, and falls into a coma, where StarClan rechristens him Lionstar and sends him on a journey to recreate a Clan. Unbeknowst to him, however, along the way he is distancing himself from Pebble.


Lionstar is a kind and benevolent leader. He falls in love with Moonfur, and thy have four kits. However, his happiness is to be cut short.


Lionstar's, mission reaches its completion when he leads his Clan to victory against the foxes and to finding the Moonplace. He dies from injuries sustained from the foxes.


Lionstar has often visited his Clan in dreams. He now takes care of Pebblestar's stillborn kit, Pondkit, who he considers the child they could never have together.


Lionstar can be brave in battle, shy in front of others, fiercely protective of his clanmates, and oblivious to love. He is protective of his children, adoptive or family, and always hopeful in the face of misery.



Undoubtedly Lionstar's best friend, Lionstar and Pebblestar founded the Clan together. Although Pebble loved Hero, she discovered she did not share that love with the new stronger and distant cat. Despite initial sorrow on both sides, the two remain strong and unconditional friends even following Lionstar's death.


Second only to Pebblestar in trust, Lionstar and Moonfrond shared the weight of the Clan on their shoulder's from the first day. Their interactions are filled with playful sarcasm and utter friendship. Even after Lionstar's death the two must live with the knowledge of their Clan's possible fate.


See Cedarleaf


Pebblestar and Lionstar could not be together because of the weight Lionstar carried on his shoulders. However, with Moonfur, Lionstar found a mate who accepted and loved his distance. The two remain very loving of their four kits.


  • If asked whether he loves Pebblestar or Moonfur more, Lionstar would honestly be stumped.

Tournament RankingsEdit

  • 1st Place in Ultimate GladeClan warrior.
This Character is played by Lion.