Main Clearing is an area in the GladeClan Camp.

Main Clearing
Forest clearing by Dark Alchimest
Area Profile
Name Main Clearing
Roleplay Area? Yes
Dwellers GladeClan
Environment Large Clearing
Territory? Yes
Entrances Central Glade, Warriors Den, Apprentice Den, Leader's Den, Medicine Glade, Nursery


The heart of the GladeClan camp, the Main Cleraing connects to every den. Ringed by trees, brush, and fallen rocks, the clearing ends at the Massive Oak at the northmost part of the camp. A few stones warmed by sunlight lie on the west part of the clearing (in between the Elders Den and Apprentice Den, and a pile of newly caught prey lie son the opposite end of the camp in between the Nursery and Medicine Glade. Small debris litter sthe ground from the Great Storm.


GladeClan uses this area to enter and exit the camp, along with several other functions: The Massive Oak, (Housing the Leader's Den in its roots) is where Petalstar makes her announcements on the highest branch. On the ground by it, patrols are organized by the current deputy. The Fresh-Kill Pile is where newly-caught prey is stored. Cats take the prey from this pile and eat anywhere in the clearing. Finally, the Basking Rocks is where cats relax on warm, comfortable rocks in the sunshine.


  • The Main Clearing experienced a major update December 28, 2012.
  • On GladeClan this area is divided into four RP locations: the Main Clearing, the Massive Oak, the Fresh-Kill Pile, and the Basking rocks.
  • The original Basking Rocks were located in the territories
  • This is the most crowded area in GladeClan.