Moonfrond is the current Medicine Cat of GladeClan.


"I will never tell you, you cold-blooded piece of fox dung, because Medicine Cat or not, I AM A WARRIOR."

Vital statistics
Name Moonfrond
Rank Medicine Cat
Alias None
Affiliation StarClan, formerly GladeClan
Gender Female
Description Grey she-cat with blue eyes
Family None
Personality Friendly, Helpful, Sweet.
Status Dead
First Appearance A Taste of the Wild



Moonfrond was born Moon, a loner who wandered the wild. She was especially fond of berries and herbs, and tried everything to learn about them.

A Taste of the WildEdit

Moon discovers GladeClan when saving Lionstar from Deathberries. She becomes the Medicine Cat and hears a prophecy about her new friend's death.


Moonfrond is forced to watcha s Lionstar dies. Later, she gets an apprentice- Starpaw. She keeps a close eye on the prophecized four. Later, to ensure the survival of the Clan upon RootClan's attack, she sacrifices herself nobley to be killed brutaly and painfully by Flintstar.


Moonfrond can seem sarcastic and anti-social but that's just the abrrier she's built up to prevent the Clan from knowing here fear for them. In reality, Moonfrond is kind, loyal, and courageous.



See Lionstar


Moonfrond is very protective of her apprentice, who she regards as a surrogate daughter. She is very kind to Starseed, but secretly worries that Starseed is unprepared for the life of a Medicine Cat-a loneliness Starseed must bear eventually.


  • Once, Hermione6720 made a joke involving Moonfrond replying to a question in spanish. Since then, there have been many jokes egarding "Moonfrond the Mexican Kitty".
This Character is played by Lion.