The Nursery is an area in the GladeClan Camp.

Area Profile
Name Nursery
Roleplay Area? Yes
Dwellers Goldleaf, Morningkit, Sagekit, Pebblestar, Lionkit, Eaglekit, Fernbreeze
Environment Small Cave
Territory? Yes
Entrances Main Clearing


A cave in the wall of a small rise in land located in a portion of the Camp, the Nursery is a large, spacious, well-protected den built for birthing and taking care of kits. Small cracks in the rocks let in much light for the kits to feel at home in.


The Nursery is meant for the care of Queens and their kits, and so is well-protected enough to shield kits apprentices, and elders in case of an attack. Its big enough for the kits to use creatively when not allowed outside to play.


  • Blizzardwind still misses sleeping here.
  • Many old mossballs can be found in the back, rightpaw corner of the den, decomposing.
  • In January 2013 this was the most visited page, likely due to the large amount of kits.