Petalstar is the current Leader of GladeClan.

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Vital statistics
Name Petalstorm
Rank Warrior/Deputy
Alias Petalkit, Petalpaw
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Female
Description Snowy white she-cat w/ green and blue eyes
Family Goldleaf (Mother) Lightningclaw (father), Birchtail (Littermate)
Personality Sweet, Resourceful, Intelligent
Status Alive
First Appearance Clanborn During RP



From the start, Petalkit always knew that she wanted to be the leader of GladeClan. As a kit, she was determined to be part of the prophecy, along with Lillykit (Lillyleaf), Blizzardkit (Blizzardwind), and Snowkit (Snowfire); this happened during the Great Storm, when they ran off to go exploring, and ended up getting dreams sent to them from Lionstar. After which, she and Lillykit formed a long-lasting bond, which has lasted from then until the present. During her apprentice training she carried on her aspiration to be leader. Petalpaw always tried to perfect her knowledge on hunting, battle training, and how the clan worked. While training, she sometimes out shined her brother (Birchtail), but was always oblivious to it. Now, as a warrior, her hope to be a leader is still there. When her brother died, she was devastated. But she put the clan's needs first, and because of this, she was named deputy of the clan. Soon afterwards, she was named mentor to Lionpaw. After Pebblestar's death during the battle with RootClan, Petalstorm was made leader, and Blizzardwind the deputy.


Petalstorm always puts the clan first. No matter what personal drama in her life is going on, she is loyal to them first; before anyone or anything else. She is always kind to fellow clanmates, and loves kits. She someday wants to have kits, but isn't sure if she'll ever be ready.



Lillyleaf and Petalstorm have been best friends since they were kits. They can always confide in each other in any matter. They are both part of the prophecy, and share that link in their friendship as well. 


Snowfire and Petalstorm have a thing for each other. They've always been good friends, but as warriors, they became even closer; especially after Petalstorm attended to him during Greencough. They aren't quite mates (yet), but that's bound to change.


Blizzardwind and Petalstorm have been good friends since they were kits. They could always share their thoughts and dreams about the prophecy with each other, and Petalstorm would trust him with her life. She proudly named him her deputy when she was appointed leader.


  • Petalstorm is the only known GladeClan cat that can fish.

This Character is played by Gold.