Time Gone By was a 2013 event on the roleplay website GladeClan. It was begun by Lion but ignored by all other users, marking the end of GladeClan.


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Thirty moons have passed sinced the war with RootClan. What has changed? As one cat returns to GladeClan after twenty moons absense, the delicate peace the Clans have maintained begins to crumble. Plus- where is RootClan?


Following the "Turning Point", GladeClan entered a period of inactivity extending from May to December 2013. In mid-2013, Lion, Sandy, and Gold decided to reluanch GladeClan after a prolonged period of time to sustain interest, with the time passed being used as a filler storyline while the next threat was established. However, the storyline never took off and GladeClan once again lapsed into inactivity.