Warriors Den is an area in the GladeClan Camp.

Warriors Den
Area Profile
Name Warriors Den
Roleplay Area? Yes
Dwellers Cedarleaf, Lightningclaw, Dustytree, Seastep, Shadowfur, Rosefall, Willowshine, Moonfur, Blazeheart, Blizzardwind, Beetlebranch, Streamfall, Snowfire, Lillyleaf, Petalstorm, Birchtail
Environment Large Den
Territory? Yes
Entrances Main Clearing


The largest den in the Camp, the Warriors Den is a comfortable area under a fallen rock, forming a hollow built into the ground. The stone lets in a surprising amount of sunlight and unwanted openings are covered with woven reeds. Nests are everywhere.


Warriors sleep, rest, and chat in this den. Newer warriors sleep on the colder outer part of the den, while senior warriors enjoy the warmth of the den's center.


  • On GladeClan this area is divided into two RP locations- the Inner Warriors Den, and the Outer Warriors Den.